Thor Comics For Beginners


Thor is a fictitious comic books hero who has been featured in a number of published works. Also known as the Mighty Thor, this Marvel Comics Superhero was inspired by thunder god of Norse mythology.

The character was created by Jack Kirby (the penciller) and Stan Lee (editor). Kirby co-plotted the character alongside Larry Lieber the scripter. Initial appearance of Thor was in Journey into Mystery volume 83. The comic was released in Aug 1962.

On an expedition from his father, Odin, Thor plays Superhero while at the same time hiding the real identity an American doctor, Dr. Donald Blake, with a slightly disabled leg. Blake is able to change through tapping the ground with his walking stick. The cane then changes into Mjolnir or the magical hammer and finally Blake changes to become Thor.

Thor is the pioneer the superhero gang of avengers.  This group does sometimes engage the adopted brother, Loki. This brother is another Marvel Comics’ character that was inspired by the Norse God of Mischief. The character is among the most powerful characters in Marvel works. Majority of the repeated characters are inspired by the Norse Mythology.  Other than this major superhero, Marvel do feature a number of additional characters that are inspired by Thor.

Chris Hemsworth illustrates Thor in films made in Marvel Studios’ Cinematic universe, the initial sequel of these movies appeared first in 2011 film known as Thor. Thor’s role has been reprised in the 2012’s The Avenger and is set to feature once more in Thor 2.

DC Comics

Thor does appear casually in the Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Both Odin and Loki do attempt to acquire the key of Hell but they did not succeed. Thor is illustrated as a lewd drunk. This contrasts the characters of the regular Thor we know from Marvel Comics. Marvel demonstrates him as earnest and noble. In the subsequent sequel known as `Kindly Ones’, he assists Odin to recapture Loki


Comico comics

Thor is featured in the Comico comic books known as Elementals. This character was made by Bill Willingham in the Elementals volume 1 and #23. 0

The Madsen’s Valhalla  is the Danish version of Thor that was designed by Peter Madsen. The author does make jests about the current world happenings as well as referring to other fictional works particularly following Eddas. Thor is illustrated as among the main heroes in the story. He holds an important role in the entire works.

In the Danish version of Thor, he is illustrated like a powerful god, read bearded; but it contains some human beings weaknesses.  The speculations that he would be fat are not true and could have inspired by the disguise used in #3 like Volatagg. His first children are Thrud and Modi are first born kids. The mother of the kids is known as Sif.

The Thor comics are popular among many people. The new releases that are coming in the market are guaranteed to be real hits.

Getting started in the comics industry can be rather challenging but with all the interesting things Thor is known for the latest film releases are guaranteed to be great hits.


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    I finally discovered which scene the Infinity Gauntlet appeared in Thor. When the Destroyer kills those frost giants while they run away–

  2. Lara says:

    That is not what Hogun the Grim looks like! He needs his moustache, his hemelt, and his costume as it appears in the comics. This guy looked like a Samurai, in dress and hair style. He was also way too slight of build, and too short. I think Karl Urban is the right one to cast as Hogun, but if you want to stay with an Asian, then get Chow Yun Fat. He is much more imposing than this little dude.

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